Climate of Tomsk

The longitudinal distance between the northern and southern borders makes up almost 600 kilometers, therefore climatic conditions of southern and northern districts differ greatly. Almost all the territory is located within the borders of the taiga zone. The climate is moderately continental, cyclic, characterized with significant daily and yearly amplitudes and a longer winter period. The average annual temperature is - 0,6 0С, that in July is + 18,1 0С, that in January is - 19,2 0С. Climatic characteristics of the northern part are a longer and more severe winter season. The frost-free period is 100-105 days. The precipitation amount is 435 mm.

The material was provided by JSC “Tomskgeomonitoring”.


Source: Investment portal of the Tomsk Region 

Published:2015-04-01 20:03 | Updated:2015-04-02 17:25