The region invested over 2.7 billion rubles in the National Project Safe and High-Quality Roads. 138 kilometers of roads were repaired in 2019.

Road fund budget exceeded 6.6 billion rubles. The regional project Roads is in progress as well: municipalities have been receiving 500 million rubles a year four years in a row, which covered the repair of almost 100 kilometers of roads in the countryside in 2019.  The first stage of road construction to the terminal in Bogashevo airport is finished, with a parking lot finished; the second stage of road construction is in progress.

The region has started the road works on Mogilnyi Mys – Parabel – Kargasok motorway in Kolpashevo district. Also, a traffic junction construction in the area of Kolarovo trakt with a tunnel under railway is on the final stage now.  

Speaking about air transport: passenger traffic flow in Tomsk region increased by 20%, reaching 760 thousand people. 15 direct regional flight directions are available in Tomsk region, nine of which are subsidized by the Federal Budget.

Internal passenger flights within the region are reemerging. Alongside with the flight from Tomsk to Kargasok and Novyi Vasyugan, a new flight to Kedrovyi has now been added.   

In 2019, Tomsk Airport complex started a renovation project, which is intended to be finished in 4 years. The project includes reconstruction of landing strip, drainage facilities, installment of water treatment complex, emergency rescue station, new safety fence of the airport perimeter with technical security network.

Published:2020-11-17 15:05 | Updated:2020-11-17 15:05