In 2019, gross regional product (GRP) exceeded 600 billion rubles. The share of mineral resources extraction in GRP remains the largest (32%). The share of high-tech and knowledge intensive industries is over 26%.

Manufacturing industries, however, demonstrated the best growth dynamics of 18%, along with agriculture, forestry, hunting, fisheries and aquaculture sectors that grew by 17%. Such dynamics became possible due to consistent efforts to develop high-tech facilities and environmental economy.

Average monthly nominal wage in Tomsk region has increased by 5%. Public sector, manufacturing, oil-and-gas industry and IT sectors recorded the fastest growth. Tomsk region is among top-3 regions in Siberia that have the highest wages. Over 33% of  workers are employed in small and medium-sized enterprises.

Regional economy received 5.8 billion rubles in investment from business. This brought Tomsk region to the second place in Siberia in terms of small and med-sized development per head of population. 



Published:2015-04-02 14:36 | Updated:2015-04-23 15:18