Economic situation

Tomsk region contribution into the Russian economy is significantly higher than the share of demographic contribution of the region.

The strategic goal of the region development is the creation of rapidly developing, well-balanced and competitive economy, providing high income for the population. Tomsk region economy combines two strategic advantages – raw materials and intelligence.  

In terms of volume of GRP per capita the region is one of three leaders of the Siberian Federal District. In the GRP structure of the Tomsk region more specific weight is for extraction sector (raw hydrocarbons). Then come the processing production, transport and communications, trade, agriculture, construction.

In terms of fixed investment volume per capita Tomsk region is one of the leaders of Siberian Federal District and one of ten best regions in Russia.  

Recent years trend – steady growth of knowledge-intensive production share in Gross Regional Product and enhanced contribution to the economy of academic complex.

Since 2003, the system of regional support measures for investment activity has been in place. Today it has developed into a fine-tuned, efficient and fast response system. Its transparency is secured by a dedicated regulatory framework.

Traditionally, Tomsk Region ranks among the leaders in Russian and the Siberian Federal District for key small business development indicators.

In 2011 Gross Regional Product (in basic prices) amounted to 337.7 billion rubles.

For main social and economic features of the Tomsk region please visit  official website of  territorial body of the Federal State Statistics Service for the Tomsk region.


Source: Investment portal of the Tomsk Region 

Published:2015-04-02 14:36 | Updated:2015-04-23 15:18