Food industry

Investments in food production in 2019 grew as much as by 2.6 times, amounting to almost 1.2 billion rubles.

Rapeseed oil production became the most prominent project launch in food industry.   The products are export-oriented, as they are highly demanded in China and other countries in South and East Asia. Investments in this project amounted to over 690 million rubles, creating 72 jobs.

Artlife company invested 650 million rubles in the construction of an industrial and warehouse complex, where it launched a high-tech production of pharmaceutical gelatin for capsules.

Tomskyi Konditer reconstructed its production, doubling the output of bakery products from roll-in and yeast dough and increasing cookies and biscuits production by 5 times.

SAVA has upgraded their facilities for mechanical cleaning of berries to be used for further processing and production of purees, juices, oils and other finished products from berries.


Published:2020-11-17 15:08 | Updated:2020-11-17 15:08