324 companies from Tomsk region exported their goods and services abroad.

Export of meat and dairy products increased almost 3 times in 2019. Tomsk region exports over 100 types of agricultural products to 27 countries.

175 new brand units entered the market of wild harvest. In total, Tomsk region exported over 5 tons of wildharvest products abroad.

In general, the volume of exports of Tomsk products and services amounted to 314 million dollars. Such products as timber and wood products, mineral products, engineering products, food products and raw materials, and chemicals dominated in the commodity structure of export.

Tomsk business exports its goods and services predominantly to partners from Belarus, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, the Netherlands, and Uzbekistan.

Published:2020-11-17 15:07 | Updated:2020-11-17 15:07