In 2019, 12 national projects of the President of Russia made it possible to attract billions in investments from federal budget and private business to the economy and social sphere of Tomsk region.

The national project Healthcare received over 1.2 billion rubles. Results of this project include new paramedic-midwife stations, new medical equipment, new building for a specialized center in oncology.

A total of 29 billion rubles was spent on healthcare in 2019 from regional and federal budgets and from medical care insurance fund. Subsidized drug coverage program has been increased.  

The renovation of the health camp school of the tuberculosis dispensary and the comprehensive renovation of the hospital Kozhevnikovskaya regional hospital was completed. Also, reconstruction of the networks has begun in Kozhevnikovskaya hospital, and in Tomsk Hospital Number 3. Construction of the emergency room in the emergency hospital and the overhaul of the outpatient clinic of the Medical Unit Number 2 is almost completed. A two-photon emission tomography center has been built and is ready for commissioning in the Northern medical town of Tomsk, a hemodialysis department has been opened in Kolpashevo.

Age restrictions have been lifted for the Zemsky Doctor and Zemsky Feldsher programs in order to attract more doctors to the countryside and to small towns. 95 health workers received employment this year.


Published:2015-04-02 12:25 | Updated:2015-04-02 18:47