At present, a modern patient-oriented healthcare system is established in Tomsk. It includes 11 federal institutions (8 research institutes among them), 19 regional and 32 town healthcare establishments, 265 medical and obstetric centres, 101 general practice centres, 16 central regional hospitals.

Principles of medical help availability and its stage-by-stage provision are implemented in the territory of the region (medical and obstetric centres → general practice centres → central regional hospitals → medical institutions of Tomsk and regional medical and preventive treatment facilities → federal medical centres, research institutes).

327 pharmaceutical organizations operate in the sphere of pharmacological support, including a chain of drugstores “Gubernskaya Apteka”, a social project of Tomsk Region’s administration directed at providing all citizens with high-quality, certified medicine at available prices.

A competitive advantage of Tomsk Region’s healthcare system is presence of the oldest in Russia Siberian State Medical University and 8 research institutes of medical profile in the territory of the region.

Modern high-tech methods of treatment are introduced into healthcare practice, which makes it possible for each citizen to obtain medical help and medicine. Specialists of the Regional Perinatal Centre perform complicated surgery at newly-borns in their first hours of life. Thanks to creation of 7 inter-municipal  medical centres in districts of  Tomsk Region rural inhabitants obtain specialized medical help without having to go to Tomsk.

The preventive treatment system is in active development. Annually more than 60 000 citizens of the region have health monitoring, there are 4 healthcare centers in Tomsk, one of which is for children. Healthcare Schools arrange special classes.

The Healthcare Department of Tomsk Region works on strengthening and improving the personnel potential in healthcare: the project “Country Doctor” is successfully implemented in the region, every third doctor in Tomsk Region has received advanced training, medical workers from central regional hospitals regularly participate in lectures and telemedical conferences with leading Russian and world specialists.

During the recent five years the medical care organization system has undergone major changes, which is strongly connected with successful implementation of federal projects, for example, the priority national project “Health” and regional “Program of healthcare system modernization in Tomsk Region for the period of 2011–2012”.

The healthcare system of Tomsk Region, while evolving, provides every citizen of Tomsk Region with affordable and high-quality medical care.

Healthcare institutions of Tomsk Region are listed at the official website of the Healthcare Department of Tomsk Region.

Source: Investment portal of the Tomsk Region 

Published:2015-04-02 12:25 | Updated:2015-04-02 18:47