Tomsk Region in ratings

Global ratings

Standard & Poor’s :

  • October 4, 2013. The long-term credit rating was decreased to "BB-" on the international scale and to "ruAA-" on the national scale.
  • December 13, 2012. The long-term credit rating of Tomsk Region was confirmed at 'BB' on the international scale and 'ruAA' on the national scale with stable outlook for both ratings.
  • December 22, 2011. The long-term credit rating of Tomsk Region was raised to BB on the international scale and to ruAA on the national scale.
  • June 13, 2011. Long-term credit rating was raised to BB-. The national scale rating was raised from ruA to ruAA-. The outlook for both ratings is stable. Recovery rating at 3, unchanged.

  • September 16, 2010. Long-term credit rating was raised to B+ with positive outlook. The national scale rating was raised from ruA- to ruA.

  •  April 30, 2010. Tomsk Region long-term credit rating and national scale rating were raised from В-/ruBBB to В/ruА- with positive outlooks for both ratings.
  • February 25, 2010. The outlook for the ratings of Tomsk Region was revised from stable to positive. The long-term credit rating B- and national scale rating ruBBB were reaffirmed.

Bond credit ratings

  • A 'BB' rating was assigned to the proposed 5bn rubles commercial papers issue of Tomsk Region.
  • A B-/ruBBB senior unsecured rating was assigned to a planned issue of bonds worth 2.2bn rubles in addition to publicly traded internal bonds worth 1.001bn rubles. With amortization of 25% of bonds in December 2008, actual placement volume will amount to 1.65bn rubles (approx. 50m US dollars). Bonds shall be redeemed in 2009-2011 through amortization in equal-sized annual installments in the amount of 25% (July 2009).

  •  Senior unsecured ratings – long-term credit rating B+ and national scale rating ruA+ – were assigned to a planned issue of Tomsk Region internal bonds worth 2.5bn rubles (В+/CreditWatch negative/—; ruА+/CreditWatch negative/—). The ratings were put on CreditWatch list with negative outlook (November 2008).
  • The ruA+ national scale rating was confirmed for senior unsecured internal bonds of Tomsk Region issue worth 1.4bn rubles. The issue was increased by 1bn rubles (from 400m rubles). Bonds redeemed through amortization and falling fixed coupon bonds will be redeemed in 2012 (February 2008).

National ratings

  • 1st position position among Siberian Federal District regions in the Investment appeal of Russian regions Rating 2013, according to National Rating Agency (10.12.2013)
  • 2nd position in the Innovation Rating of Russia (Peterburgskaya Politika Foundation, Moscow, January-February 2012)
  • 1st position in the final Top Ten Innovative Regions of Russia rating 2011 (Peterburgskaya Politika Foundation, Moscow, January 2012)
  •  1st position in the rating of Russian regions for environmental and energy safety of the regional economy (Independent Environmental Rating Agency (ANO NERA), Moscow, November 2009)
  •  9th position in the development rating of Russian regions (Television and Radio Broadcasting Company “Petersburg”, April 2008)

Source: Investment portal of the Tomsk Region 

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