Builders are erecting the last floor of the surgical building of the Tomsk Oncology Center

02 июля, 13:58

Deputy Governor for Construction and Infrastructure Evgeniy Parshuto conducted a staff meeting for the construction of the surgical building of the regional oncology center.

The contractor – CJSC SU TDSK – has been building the facility since the spring of 2019. Over this time, more than 6.7 thousand cubic meters of concrete were poured here.

More than 60 people are currently working at this facility. The builders have already completed the concreting of eight floors and have begun reinforcing the ninth, last floor. On the third and fifth floors, brickwork is underway.

In July, builders plan to complete the in-situ concrete works, and by September, finish the brickwork. On the ground floor of the building, electrical installation began. In the near future, the contractor will begin installing ventilation, heating and utility networks.

“In the fall, finishing work will start at the facility, and by this time the building should be connected to the heat,” Evgeniy Parshuto instructed the builders. “Interior finishing of the surgical building must be synchronized with the delivery of high-tech medical equipment.”

Commissioning of the facility is scheduled for 2021. Once the building is commissioned, the demand for surgical beds for patients with cancer in the region will be met.

High-tech modern equipment will appear in the new surgical building: X-ray machines, mammographs, ultrasound machines, artificial lung ventilation machines and other resuscitation equipment. Delivery is scheduled for early 2021.

Published:2020-07-02 13:58 | Updated:2020-07-06 14:00
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