Reserve respiratory hospital will be deployed in the clinical hospitals of SSMU

07 Мая, 10:48


The reserve respiratory hospital for patients of the Tomsk region who have coronavirus infection or suspected of having COVID-19 will be deployed in the clinical hospitals of the Siberian State Medical University.

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin supported the proposal of the Governor of the Tomsk region Sergey Zhvachkin, and included the clinics of Siberian State Medical University in the list of federal medical centers, which will be redeveloped into respiratory hospitals for the needs of the regions from May 14.


Governor Sergey Zhvachkin, commenting on the order of the Prime Minister, noted that the reserve respiratory hospital will be deployed in the new seven-story building of SSMU clinics in 4/1 Lenina Avenue, Tomsk. The head of the region emphasized that the facility can fully function in isolation from other departments of the university.

“We are deploying one more reserve hospital in order to be ready for any scenario of the epidemic,” said the Tomsk region Governor Sergey Zhvachkin. - In two weeks, we will open in the new building of SSMU clinics, which we built five years ago. The hospital will be equipped with all necessary equipment, and doctors from one of the best medical universities in the country will work in it”.

“Our university is fully prepared to fulfill the task that the governor and the government have set for us,” said Olga Kobyakova, rector of the Siberian State Medical University, co-chair of the Tomsk regional headquarters of the All-Russia People’s Front. “From the first days of the epidemic, our doctors and students have been working on an ambulance, working on hot lines, and the ARPF headquarters and the Medical Volunteers movement have been deployed on the basis of the university, helping vulnerable elderly people.”

Published:2020-05-07 10:48 | Updated:2020-05-07 10:48
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