Regional emergency response center imposed restrictions on entry and exit from the Tomsk region

07 Мая, 10:43

The regional coronavirus response center reports of restrictions on entry and exit from the Tomsk region. One can enter and leave the region only for reasons related to official or production activities, or in case of extreme necessity.

In accordance with the high alert and complete self-isolation regimes in the Tomsk region, road traffic between regions was restricted. From tomorrow, April 27, at the checkpoints at the entrance to Tomsk, motorists will be obliged to justify their movement by presenting appropriate job assignments or documents confirming the need for an urgent departure from the Tomsk region (or entry into the region) related to personal circumstances.

As a reminder, from April 20, the Tomsk region suspended interregional bus passenger transportation. A number of Siberian regions have introduced or are preparing to introduce two-week isolation at the place of arrival or at the observation facility for all non-residents.

Published:2020-05-07 10:43 | Updated:2020-05-07 10:48
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