Construction of a school began in Severny Park

07 Мая, 10:42

According to Evgeniy Parshuto, Deputy Governor of the Tomsk region for Construction and Infrastructure, the construction of a school for 1,100 pupils in the village of Kislovka of the Tomsk area is planned to be completed in 2021.

Construction of the school is carried out by the developer of the Severny Park microdistrict GK Karyeroupravlenie. Till date, the contractor has made the foundation pit for the building under construction and is forming a pile field.

The school is designed for one shift. The project stipulates specialized classes and laboratories, workshops for labor education, classrooms for extracurricular activities, a library, an assembly hall and two gymnasiums, a choreography room, and a dining room. A stadium will be built in the adjacent territory.

Moreover, the school will be equipped for children with disabilities.

“In 2019, in the framework of national project Education, we built two schools with 1,100 places - in the Yuzhnye Vorota and Solnechnaya Dolina microdistricts in the Tomsk region. Today, a school for 200 places in Kornilovo and a school for 1,100 places in Severny Park are being built under the national project, the latter not according to a standard, but rather to a new design, commented Deputy Governor Evgeniy Parshuto. “Severny Park is developing its social infrastructure: a kindergarten for 80 kids is already operating here, the design of another kindergarten for 280 kids is now undergoing a state expert review”.

Published:2020-05-07 10:42 | Updated:2020-05-07 10:42
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