Coverage of the garbage collection and disposal service in the Tomsk region increased by a third

04 марта, 10:41

Currently, regional operators serve 246 settlements in the region with the total population of 900 thousand. At the same time, in the cities of Kedrovy, Seversk and Strezhevoy, a centralized waste management service covers 100% of the residents, and 86% in Tomsk and the Tomsk area.

The number of villages and cities where the garbage collection service appeared increased by one third during the year, which was the result of comprehensive reform measures for waste management in the framework of “Ecology” national project.

In 2019, the Tomsk region allocated 220 million rubles for its implementation. Most of the funds were designated for the development of design estimates for the construction of two waste sorting complexes, two MSW landfills, as well as for the creation of a landfill in Seversk, which will be commissioned in 2020.

In addition, with the involvement of budgetary funds, municipalities purchased containers, equipped landfills with weighing equipment to accurately control the amount of waste, and regional operators replenished their fleet with 42 units of special equipment.

“For a full-fledged launch of an integrated waste management system in the region, first of all, it was necessary to create an infrastructure that would ensure centralized collection of garbage from the population, its transportation and disposal,” Maksim Krivov, Acting Head of the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Tomsk region, explained. “From 2020, budgetary funds under the reform will be allocated to the elimination of unauthorized landfills, the development of designs for the construction of facilities for waste sorting and disposal, and the purchase of incinerators for remote settlements.”

In 2020, the total of 251.4 million rubles, including 141.5 million from the federal budget, will be allocated for municipal waste reform measures, taking into account the project for landfill reclamation in Novomikhaylovka.


The new MSW management system has been in place in the Tomsk region, as well as throughout the country, since 2019 in the framework of national project "Ecology". The reform aims to reduce waste disposal through waste sorting and separate collection of recoverable resources.

 In 2020–2024, as part of a national project, seven waste sorting and three waste incineration complexes, an MSW processing and disposal facility and more than a dozen landfills will be built in the region, 17 environmentally hazardous facilities and more than 10 cattle burial grounds will be liquidated, and two landfills will be remediated.


Published:2020-03-04 10:41 | Updated:2020-03-11 10:43
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