The Gadalovs estate in Tomsk deemed a heritage-listed site

04 марта, 10:37

The ensemble of the Gadalov city estate now includes stone one-story, two-story houses with gates (3 Frunze Ave., 2 Novosobornaya Square), as well as stone two-story auxiliaries (49 Gagarina Str.). Previously, the objects were categorized as tentative objects of cultural heritage.

The estate in the historical district of "Yurt Mountain" forms the red lines of the quarter’s architecture, limited by Lenina and Frunze Avenues, Novosobornaya Square and Gagarina Street.

By order of the Center for the Protection of Monuments, a specialist certified at the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation performed a historical and cultural expert review. The expert conducted bibliographic and field studies of the object, including its interiors and location, and also analyzed materials on the value of the complex from the point of view of history, architecture and urban planning.

Based on historical data and a visual inspection, it was decided to transfer the objects from the category of tentative to the category of heritage-listed site of regional significance. The buildings are included in the unified state register of objects of cultural heritage of the peoples of the Russian Federation in the form of an ensemble and individually.

The Regional Committee for the Protection of Cultural Heritage Objects has signed an order to assign the status of a heritage-listed site of regional significance to the Gadalovs estate. The boundaries of its territory and the subject of protection have been approved.

“The ensemble, surrounded by the Astashev estate and the Kuhterins trading house, is a valuable element of the urban environment. Its buildings reflect the work of famous Tomsk architects Naranovich, Lygin and Khabarov. And the heritage value of the object is directly related to the period of the life of merchants Ivan and Innokentiy Gadalov,” said committee chairwoman Elena Peretyagina.


At the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries, the estate was owned by a merchant of the 1st guild, state adviser Ivan Gerasimovich Gadalov and his eldest son Innokentiy Ivanovich. In 1908 – 1912 the buildings housed the office of the merchant Gadalov, various shops selling fur and haberdashery goods, shoes, underwear and a finished dress, as well as hats, caps and hats.


Published:2020-03-04 10:37 | Updated:2020-03-11 10:37
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