In Tomsk, science is developing in accordance with current international trends

25 ноября, 09:13


This was announced at a press conference in the administration of the Tomsk region today, November 25, by the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Aleksandr Sergeyev. The head of the Russian Academy of Sciences made such an assessment, based on the results of a two-day visit to the region dedicated to the 50th anniversary of academic science in the Tomsk region.

“Today, the RAS is concerned that science in the whole country is financed mainly from the state budget, only 30 percent of the money comes to the industry from the economy. If we want to ensure scientific and technological competition with other countries, it is necessary to correct this ratio,” said Aleksandr Sergeyev.

He emphasized that the situation in Tomsk is different and the experience of interaction between the scientific and educational complex and business must be transferred to other regions.

As the president of the Russian Academy of Sciences noted, de facto, a world-class scientific and educational center has already been created in the Tomsk region that is able to meet modern challenges and respond to economic demands.

“The REC is a collaboration of scientific and educational complex, industry, which places orders in science and education institutions, providing new high-paying jobs, and regional authorities,” said Aleksandr Sergeyev. “Largely thanks to the standpoint of the governor, in Tomsk, this interaction has already been established and is showing results”.

Published:2019-11-25 09:13 | Updated:2019-11-28 09:14
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