Tomsk universities presented the latest scientific developments to the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences

25 ноября, 09:12

Today, November 25, Governor Sergey Zhvachkin and Aleksandr Sergeyev, President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, who is in the region with a two-day working visit, visited Tomsk universities, which presented promising developments to the head of the RAS.

Eduard Galazhinsky, Rector of National Research Tomsk State University, presented to the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences the scientific schools of Tomsk State University and the results of the university’s work in international research collaborations. He also said that in terms of the number of medals of the Russian Academy of Sciences (there have been 46 medals awarded to the university since 2000), TSU is second only to Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Viktor Dyomin, Designated rector of National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University, demonstrated to Aleksandr Sergeyev the work of university laboratories of industrial robotics, plasma equipment and the design of medical devices, as well as presented project “Energy 4.0”, space-worthy 3D printing technology, production of radiopharmaceuticals for diagnostics and treatment of oncological diseases.

Joint developments in the field of communication systems, microwave electronics, radio photonics, smart power electronics, information technologies and medical devices were presented by the Rector of Tomsk University of Control Systems and Radio Electronics Viktor Rulevskiy and the heads of Micran, which the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the head of the region also visited today.

“According to national project ‘Science’, by 2024, there should be at least 15 world-class scientific and educational centers in Russia. Such a center is distinguished by the close integration of science with the real sector of the economy, and the quick reaction of scientists to modern challenges. I’m sure you will agree with me: such a center has already been created in the Tomsk region,” said Sergey Zhvachkin, Governor of the Tomsk region, in a conversation with Aleksandr Sergeev, President of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Published:2019-11-25 09:12 | Updated:2019-11-28 09:13
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