A new radio station begins broadcasting in Tomsk

13 ноября, 14:46

Today, November 13, at 10 o’clock a new FM radio station begins broadcasting in Tomsk. The Novoe Radio will broadcast on the new frequency of 99.2.

According to Vladimir Yurshin, director of the Tomsk branch of the Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network, Novoe Radio is the 26th FM radio station operating in Tomsk.

In the rotation of the Novoe Radio, are only songs in Russian, there are morning and evening talk shows, information and entertainment news releases. The name of the station was chosen in order to avoid any analogies. The general producer is Roman Yemelyanov, the radio station is part of the European Media Group, a Russian broadcasting holding, on air since November 30, 2015.

Published:2019-11-13 14:46 | Updated:2019-11-18 14:46
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