Tomsk agrarians awarded ten medals of all‑Russian exhibition "Golden Autumn - 2019"

15 октября, 14:40

Awards were presented to the best enterprises of Russia at the all-Russian agroindustrial exhibition fair “Golden Autumn - 2019”, which ended in Moscow.

For high performance in the production and processing of livestock products, as many as four farmers of the Tomsk region were awarded medals.

The head of the family farm Mikhail Arakelyan from the Bakchar area received a gold medal and a diploma from the Ministry of Agriculture. Using the grant allocated in 2019 (16.9 million rubles), the farmer built livestock buildings for 900 heads of meat cattle, bought equipment and 80 meat heifers.

Ilya Alekseev, the head of the Zyryanskoye family farm, received the same awards: in 2016, he received a grant of 18 million rubles for the construction of a livestock complex for 75 heads of milk cattle. Now the annual milk yield at the farm exceeds 2.5 thousand centners – over 5.5 thousand kg per forage-fed cow.

Silver medals and diplomas of the Ministry of Agriculture were awarded to the heads of peasant (family) farms Denis Churaev (Bakchar area) and Viktor Semenov (Tomsk area).

The winner of the regional contest “Beginner Farmer” in 2014 Denis Churaev built a dairy farm using grant funds (1.29 million rubles). Currently, the herd has 82 heads, including 45 cows, and the annual milk production reaches more than 100 tons.

The farm of Viktor Semenov is also engaged in cow breeding, production and processing of raw milk. In 2018, the farmer milked 1.02 thousand centners of milk. Part of the milk goes to the manufacture of cream, butter, cottage cheese, kefir and cheese in an own workshop.

For achieving high results in the field of sustainable development of rural areas, the silver medals and diplomas of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia were awarded to the regional Department for Social and Economic Development of Rural Areas and to the Molchanovo area.

A golden medal was awarded to the “Agrarian Center of the Tomsk region” for the issue of magazine “Tomsk Agro Vestnik” and significant contribution to the information and consulting support for agricultural workers in the region.

In addition, as many as three medals - two gold and one silver - were awarded to the regional Department of Veterinary Medicine for the development and implementation of an antiparasitic program in the region, for the effectiveness of anti-epizootic measures in 2016-2018 and for their contribution to the popularization of the profession.


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