Increasing the labor productivity of enterprises through digitalization was discussed in Tomsk

04 октября, 11:13


Today, on October 4, at the meeting, representatives of IT companies of the Tomsk region and the Regional Competence Center (RCC) discussed how to optimize production at enterprises participating in national project Increasing Labor Productivity and Supporting Employment through implementation of digital technologies.

RCC experts conducted the analysis of problems that can be eliminated through implementation of digital solutions at the five enterprises participating in the national project and presented the results to IT companies. The main tasks included improvement of logistics, implementation of access control system, calculation of staff workload and production planning.

“Now we need to agree on the next step that we will take together with IT companies to optimize production. Perhaps they already have ready-made solutions that we can include in the register and provide to the participants of the national project,” said Aleksander Solovyov, Deputy Head of the Department of Economics of the Tomsk Region Administration.

The parties also discussed the establishment of the Digital Production alliance in the Tomsk region, which will include IT companies willing to work together at the regional enterprises.

“Now we are preparing a map of companies' expertise, so that once we have united, it would be possible to create solutions for enterprises in a short time. We have a common goal, meetings are held regularly, now we need to officially formalize the creation of the organization,” said Maksim Pudalov, Technical Director of GeoS.

The key goal of national project Labor Productivity and Employment Support is to accelerate the growth of labor productivity in medium and large enterprises of the basic non-energy sectors of economy to 5% by 2024.

Published:2019-10-04 11:13 | Updated:2019-10-10 11:13
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