Rural pensioners get a feel of active longevity in the framework of national project "Demography"

01 октября, 14:06

More than 345 million rubles were allocated by the Tomsk region this year as part of national project “Demography” for the implementation of program “Senior Generation”.

This was announced at the round table by Marina Kinyaykina, Head of the regional Department of Social Protection of the Population. She emphasized that active longevity implies, above all, healthy longevity, therefore, the national project provides for preventive measures for the elderly.

In this manner, in order to provide medical care for people living in remote settlements and villages, a service is provided for the delivery of the elderly to medical facilities by road. Already purchased are 22 cars for the district social services, on which employees will deliver people over 65 to clinics for medical examinations and screening. For these purposes, 22.7 million rubles were allocated in the framework of national project "Demography".


Also, the national project provides for vaccination of the older generation against pneumococcal infection. 1.6 million rubles have already been spent on vaccination of people living in nursing homes, as this category of pensioners is most at risk of contracting viral and infectious diseases. According to Rimma Voloshina, Head of the regional Health Prevention Department, it was recommended that all elderly people over 65 be vaccinated against pneumococcal infection.

In addition, pensioners, including those from rural areas, will now be able to undergo treatment in the geriatric department, which has been working in the city hospital No. 2 of Tomsk since September. An appointment with geriatrician occurs after referral is issued by the general practitioner. By the end of 2024, it is planned to open at least 10 gerontological rooms in the areas of the region and a stationary unit with 40 beds.


In the Tomsk region, 780.7 million rubles will be spent on the implementation of activities of regional project “Older Generation” under national project “Demography” by 2024, including 345.2 million rubles in 2019. Within the framework of national project “Demography”, it is planned to build two buildings of a nursing home in Itatka. Construction is scheduled to be completed in 2021. Expenses will amount to almost 600 million rubles, including 292.3 million rubles in 2019.

Published:2019-10-01 14:06 | Updated:2019-10-04 14:06
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