Rating of “BBB (RU)” affirmed for the Tomsk region and its bonds

01 октября, 14:05


AKRA Rating Agency affirmed the credit rating of the Tomsk region and its obligations at “BBB (RU)”, maintaining the “Stable” rating forecast.

Such a forecast, according to analysts, implies a constant rating for the coming 12-18 months. The rating level of “BBB (RU)” corresponds to a moderate level of creditworthiness, while experts of the agency confirm the availability of sufficient liquidity in the regional budget.

“Credit ratings contribute to increasing the investment attractiveness of the region and the effective management of public debt. In addition, the ratings, as a form of independent opinion of professional experts on the creditworthiness of the region, are needed by investors when choosing investment areas,” said Alexander Fedenyov Deputy Governor - Head of Finance Department of the Tomsk region.

The next review of the credit rating and the forecast on the credit rating of the region, as well as bond issues of the Tomsk region, is expected within six months.

According to the Finance Department of the Tomsk Region, as of today (September 30) the budget debt burden amounted to 58%, the volume of state debt - 29.3 billion rubles, including obligations on exchange bonds - 7 billion rubles, obligations on bonds for the population - 3,1 billion rubles.



Published:2019-10-01 14:05 | Updated:2019-10-04 14:05
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