Areas of the Tomsk region took the baton of the regional championship in competitive trash collection

24 сентября, 15:57

Municipalities of the Tomsk Region supported the tradition of holding competitions in trash collection: they organized similar championships in the Bakcharskiy area and in Strezhevoy.

In Bakchar, local competitive trash collection event was held for the second time. The organizer was the Bakchar Center for Continuing Education with the support of the regional state institution "Oblkompriroda". Over an hour, participants from five school teams, technical schools and the Center of Social Protection of the Population collected and sorted about 300 kg of trash.

In Strezhevoy, almost a hundred people in the 17 teams took part in the championship. Together, they cleaned the coastline of the Pasol River, where as a result more than 4 tons of trash were collected and sorted, and the team of the local Education Department turned out to be the most effective. Strezhevoy activists decided to repeat the environmental event in spring.

Altogether, in the Tomsk Region, almost 6 tons of trash were collected as part of competitive trash collection championships on regional and local levels. All this trash has been sent for recycling.

Published:2019-09-24 15:57 | Updated:2019-10-18 13:45
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