President of Russia Congratulations on Tomsk Region's 75th Anniversary

10 сентября, 10:55

President of Russia Vladimir Putin sent a telegram to the residents of Tomsk region, congratulating them on the Anniversary of the region, celebrated on September, 6th

«Dear friends! I congratulate you on the 75th Anniversary of Tomsk region, Vladimir Putin said in his message. Many generations of region's residents made a great contribution into development of natural resources in Western Siberia, strengthening of the industrial potential of the region, development of social, energy, transport infrastructure. It is gratifying to emphasize that today you are successfully solving the challenging tasks the region is facing by using the great traditions of your predecessors. With your hard work and labor you are supporting the well-being of your native land, taking good care of historical, cultural and spiritual heritage of the region. I am convinced that original initiatives and pursuit of creativity will help you to bring your plans to life. I wish you good health and new achievements!»

Published:2019-09-10 10:55 | Updated:2019-09-10 10:56
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