Ax Day invited 140 craftsmen from 23 countries and 21 regions of Russia

02 июля, 15:02


Competitive selection of participants of XII International Folk Crafts Festival Ax Day in woodcraft category has finished.


This year, applications for the international contest for woodcarvers and carpenters were submitted by two hundred artisans from 38 countries. In 2018, 160 artisans from 33 countries applied for participation in the Ax Day.

Apart from the main list of participants in 2019, a reserve list of participants was made; the geography of the festival has also expanded: as compared to previous year, the number of participating Russian regions grew from 20 to 23. International recognition of the festival is also growing: in place of 69 foreigners in 2018, 82 artisans from the far abroad expressed their willingness to participate in Ax Day-2019 in Tomsk.

“We expect tough competition. This year, the entire set of last year’s winners and prizewinners will participate. They are joined by contestants coming to the Ax Day for the first time. These include carpenters from Turkey, Armenia, Ukraine, Ireland, Philippines, Switzerland, as well as the strongest artisans from Yakutia, Kirov region and Republic of Adygeya,” said Denis Lykhin, Director of Ax Day Association.

In total, 75 work pieces will be made during the contest. The organizers of the festival decided not to limit the artisans by certain theme, and instead give them a chance to fulfill their most interesting ideas using Siberian timber.

International Folk Crafts Festival takes place on August 20 – 25 in Okolitsa rural park (settlement of Zorkaltsevo).

Published:2019-07-02 15:02 | Updated:2019-08-29 15:05
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