First resident registered in the Seversk Territory of Priority Development

13 августа, 14:55

Research and Production Company VAB-70 became the first resident in the Seversk Priority Social and Economic Development Area (TOP).

The first registered resident of the Seversk TOP will work on its investment project to manufacture custom equipment for atomic power engineering, nuclear power stations, military-industrial complex and petroleum industry. Implementation of the project will attract approximately RUB 250 million of investment to Seversk.

“As on the date, applications to become residents of Seversk TOP were filed by two companies, process continues with another 13 prospective residents. I think that in the nearest future, the Seversk TOP will allow for using the unique staff potential of the city to develop new factories,” said Andrey Antonov, Deputy Governor of Tomsk for Economy.

As a reminder, residents of the Seversk TOP may enjoy tax preferences, simplified administrative procedures and other advantages. The territory includes ten land plots with the total area of 135 Ha, of which four are greenfield plots and six are brownfield plots.


Seversk TOP was established on February 12, 2019 in order to create favorable conditions to attract investments to Seversk and ensure more rapid social and economic development of this municipality. In July 2019, the members of Seversk TOP supervisory board were appointed.

Published:2019-08-13 14:55 | Updated:2019-08-29 15:01
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