Contest for drones Aviarobotech has begun in the Tomsk region

30 Мая, 15:28

Today, May 28, Aviarobotech contest for the developers of air drone systems has begun at Golovino airfield, and will last until May 31.

“This is the first contest of this kind in the Tomsk region, and the first in its scale in Russia. It is for the first time that unmanned aircraft is used to solve practical tasks: surveying power supply lines, gas pipelines and search for people. The project launched over a year ago following the decision of the head of our region Sergey Zhvachkin,” said Andrey Antonov, Deputy Governor on Economy.

The Tomsk region was selected to host the contest because of its suitable infrastructure and climate conditions, as well as ongoing project Taiga, running from 2018, among other things.

“At the first stage of project Taiga, we analyzed over one hundred companies and found out that only a few of them understand how one could use drones to solve their tasks. At the second stage, we created scenarios for drone use and shared them with the companies. The contest will continue this work. The idea is to bring closer the customers and those who provide services involving drones,” explained Gleb Babintsev, General Director of Aeronet Association.

Contest participants include 12 companies from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tomsk, Irkutsk and Tambov. They are to perform tasks in five directions: cargo transportation, pipeline monitoring, surveying of power supply lines, mapping, search and rescue of people. During the first day, drones will make around 30 takeoffs.

Media are welcome!

Additional information: 8-953-918-9892 (Natalya Gievskaya, press-service of the Tomsk Region Administration).

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The contest is organized by the Tomsk Region Administration and Aeronet, Association of Drone Operators and Developers. Project Taiga began in 2018 in the Tomsk region. It stipulates the establishment of a pilot area for delivery of cargo and other tasks using drone systems.

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