Development of Tomsk Scientists to Protect Space Vehicles on Orbit

15 апреля, 14:14

Scientists of the Tomsk Scientific Center of the SB RAS together with their colleagues from TPU, TSU and Harbin Engineering University are developing new software solutions simulating emergencies coming from collision of the space vehicles with micrometeorite and searching for possibilities to prevent them.

“Tiny micrometeor moves at a rate significantly exceeding bullet velocity, thus, a range of negative scenarios may occur – from space vehicle surface damage to major setbacks in its operation and complete denial, - told Roman Cherepanov, a staff scientist of the TSC SB RAS and TPU. – The most vulnerable parts are solar cells of the satellites, that’s why one of the crucial tasks is to calculate the optimal designs, that are resistant to hits of micrometeoroids: selection of thickness, distance between the cells and other equipment”.

Applying mathematical simulation, the scientists develop methods and algorithms allowing “forecasting” behaviour of a cloud of cosmic trace substances and calculating its lethality.

Tomsk scientists created unified software solution that offers means to improve effectiveness of simulation experiments and better investigate behaviour of some materials in outer space conditions. 

The project received financial support from Russian Science Foundation.

Published:2019-04-15 14:14 | Updated:2019-04-15 14:15
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