IT-specialists from nine Russian regions to take part in Digital Skills at U-NOVUS-2019

15 апреля, 14:13

Digital Skills, the IT-related industrial championship, will take place for the second time in Tomsk during U-NOVUS forum.

The contests will see IT-specialists from nine regions of Russia (Tomsk, Kemerovo, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Rostov regions, Krasnoyarsk and Altay Territories, Khakassiya and Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District), as well as representatives from Belarus and Kazakhstan. These are all employees of small, medium and large IT-business, school and university students, and freelancers.

The contest categories include web-design and development, network and systems administration, software solutions for business, graphic design, mobile application development, development of block chain-based solutions, machine learning, big data, videogame and multimedia application development.

There will be a special section for schoolchildren. High school students and university students will be able to attend a loosely organized ground for IT-skills called TRY Skills, a business game and hackathon.

The contest will be judged by certified experts of World Skills Russia, representatives of Tomsk and Russian IT-companies.

The forum of new solutions U-NOVUS-2019 will take place in Tomsk on May 15-18 under the auspices of the Tomsk Region Administration. Unlike other venues, the Tomsk forum is not discussion-focused, but rather is practice-oriented and is a pilot ground for the development and testing of applied solutions.

The main topics of the forum will include digitization of business processes, manufacturing and medicine, smart city and smart materials, knowledge management and collaborations of companies and scientists.

The forum venue will host specialized workshops, design sessions, hackathons, round tables and discussions for technology-intense business, universities, scientific organizations, start-ups and the prospective consumers of new technologies and products.

Published:2019-04-15 14:13 | Updated:2019-04-15 14:13
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