Residents of Russian regions to identify the main objectives for federal project “Safe and high quality motorways”

15 апреля, 14:12

The All-Russian poll on ranking the key indicators of national project “Safe and high quality motorways” has begun. Citizens can participate at

The residents of Russian constituent entities are asked to identify the most important courses of development of the transportation infrastructure in the regions that will be incorporated in the target indicators of the national project. For instance, these include repaired roads or the reduction of traffic on the sections of regional and federal roads; higher traffic safety or technological development of the industry. The importance is evaluated on a scale from one to ten.

As a reminder, in 2019, national project “Safe and high quality motorways” was launched in 83 constituent entities of Russia. The funding of this vast roadwork campaign will be provided from the federal and regional budgets.

One of the main outcomes should be the increase in the mileage of the roadway network complying with the state standard in agglomerations and regional roads to 85% and over 50% respectively, which stipulates smoothness and the removal of road surfacing defects.

Apart from that, the implementation of the national project stipulates a ten percent reduction in the mileage of overloaded regional and federal roads. This will alleviate the traffic congestion and reduce the time it takes the drivers to drive along such motorways.

Another important objective is to improve road traffic safety. It is planned that furnishing the roads, i.e. installing sets of traffic lights, road fences, speed cameras and other things, will halve the number of traffic accident hotspots. It is also expected that implementation of the national project will reduce accident-related fatalities by 3.5 times.

It is planned to increase the economic efficiency of the work, the quality of repair and improve the durability of the road cover through the use of efficient technology and materials. It is also stipulated to create a register of such best practice for the industry. In the frameworks of the national project, the proportion of contracts for roadworks, utilizing such best practice in the regions, is stipulated to increase to 80%.

Early results of the poll will be revealed on April 15, and it is planned to carry out the poll multiple times over 2019. The acquired data will facilitate the formation of a more efficient work of regional project offices and the development of activities to improve roadwork programs in Russian constituent entities.

To participate in the poll, one should follow this link:

Regional roads connect the regional capital with the administrative centers of municipal areas in the given region; connect municipal areas (urban districts) with one another and with administrative centers of rural settlements. These also include bypass motorways of regional centers that connect federal motorways with one another or the same with regional motorways.

An agglomeration is the administrative center of the constituent entity of Russia or a city acting as the “core” and satellite municipalities, united by industrial, transportation and cultural connections with commuting-type labor migration of residents. The road network of an urban agglomeration includes the roads or sections thereof within the limits of the agglomeration, specifically the street and road network: main city roads, main public streets, streets and roads of local importance, pedestrian streets and squares; regional roads; federal motorways.

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