Governor Sergey Zhvachkin proposed that IT-companies should develop an electronic payment system for the public transport

25 января, 11:19

Governor Sergey Zhvachkin addressed IT-companies with a proposal to assist the transportation services and develop a cashless payment system for the public transport in Tomsk.

“Tomsk that presents itself as a city of innovation still hasn’t got a cashless payment system in the public transport, which is a nonsense,” the governor stressed. “Single cashless payment experiments do not count; we need consistent work towards this end. Practice has shown that public officials alone cannot handle this challenge. I am addressing IT-companies, people of the banking sector; let us help the municipal transportation services to find an optimal solution”.

“The residents of Tomsk fairly raise the question: why is there no improvement in quality after the fare increased come January 1st, why is there no cashless payment system?” head of the region said. “It is the XXI century outside, while our transportation sector is still living in the previous century when the drivers double as fare inspectors and the passengers pass on the fare across the vehicle. Let us implement unified transportation cards, different tariffs for welfare beneficiaries. We should get this sphere out of stagnation.”

Published:2019-01-25 11:19 | Updated:2019-01-25 11:20
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