German Consulate General is ready to expand cooperation with the Tomsk region

25 января, 11:19

The first official visit of Peter Blomeyer, German consul general in Novosibirsk, to Tomsk has ended. The diplomat appointed in December met the heads of the region and discussed the plans on the development of joint projects.

During the official meeting, Anatoliy Rozhkov, Vice Governor, and the heads of regional departments presented to the consul general the potential of their region, the current joint projects in energy industry, environment and infrastructure. The parties stressed that the Tomsk region and Germany are interested in furthering their cooperation.

In course of the visit, Peter Blomeyer familiarized himself with the projects of the regional Russian-German house and held a meeting with representatives of Russian Germans who live in the Tomsk region. The issue of falling interest in studying the German language was raised at the meeting. In this regard, consul general spoke about the educational initiative of Goethe Institut “The German language – the first second foreign language”, aimed at supporting Russian general education institutions where the German language is taught or planned to be taught as the second foreign language.

The guest was shown examples of successful cooperation between the Tomsk region and Germany. These included a joint project of Tomsk Institute for Microsurgery and German company Weiz Industrie und Robotertechnik GmbH in creating a microsurgeon robot capable of finest microvascular suturing. The pilot model of the robot is expected to be shown in in May in Munich in the frameworks of intergovernmental committee on the affairs of Russian Germans.

Peter Blomeyer stressed that consulate general will strive to expand and energize cooperation in all areas when it comes to Russian Germans living in his area of professional authority and will financially support cultural projects whenever possible.

Published:2019-01-25 11:19 | Updated:2019-01-25 11:19
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