Implementation of digital environment in schools to begin with “Perspektiva”

09 января, 14:30

“Perspektiva” school in Tomsk will be the first site to pilot test the solutions aimed at the implementation of digital environment within the frameworks of Education national project.

The establishment and development of a unified digital environment in “Perspektiva” and other schools will be the job of TUSUR and Rostelecom, a cooperation agreement has been signed by Aleksandr Shelupanov, rector, and Aleksey Makhorin, director of the Tomsk branch of the company. The project stipulates the development of information and communication infrastructure, improvement of electronic educational content, control automation, information security, implementation of national software and equipment, further training of the teaching staff.

“The university enhances its cooperation with industrial companies to solve relevant problems in the domains of IT, electronics, electronic instrument engineering and the development of digital economy,” Aleksandr Shelupanov, rector of TUSUR, noted.

The unified digital school environment will be created using Rostelecom’s platform that enables the use of various software within one software product.

“We are beginning this work in the “Perspektiva” school and will continue it in other educational institutions of Tomsk and the region,” said Aleksey Makhorin.

Published:2019-01-09 14:30 | Updated:2019-01-09 14:31
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