Heads of Local Governments to Hold Responsibility for National Projects Implementation

28 декабря, 11:08

Tomsk Region Governor Sergey Zhvachkin confirmed on December 24, during the Day of Head of Local Government event.

Summarizing the results of 2018 and setting goals for the upcoming year, head of the region noted that Tomsk region became one of the few regions in Russia that received increased equalization transfers for 2019 from the Federal Budget.

«It is definitely a result of our systematic efforts in Moscow, where my Deputies and I diligently advocate the interests of the region. However, most importantly – it is a result of work of million residents of our region, achievements of our manufacturers that are well known in the government. In 2019, we need to reinforce our standing», — Tomsk region Governor Sergey Zhvachkin emphasized.  

Mr. Zhvachkin also pointed out that the 12 National projects, launched by President Putin, will be the major factors for the development of the region.

«We approved the passports for all the projects at the meeting of the Council for strategic development and priority projects., — Governor Sergey Zhvachkin noted. – And to be honest, it is a lot of work (not just to check the box, but to improve people’s life). For the national project “Safe and high-quality roads” alone the financing until 2024 in the Tomsk region will amount to 22 billion rubles. And I want everyone to understand the personal responsibility for spending these enormous funds, for achieving the goals of presidential projects. ”

The Governor reminded that Tomsk region is celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2019.

«Anniversary is a great cause to honor our remarkable fellow countrymen; there will be demonstration lessons, exhibitions, concerts, and many other events. And, of course, it is not only a celebration, but also a daily work to improve the lives of people, regardless which town or district they live in», — Sergey Zhvachkin addressed to the heads of local governments.

Published:2018-12-28 11:08 | Updated:2018-12-28 11:08
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