National Project 2019 on Workforce Productivity in Tomsk Region

28 декабря, 11:07

Tomsk region has been included into the list of regions approved by the Ministry of Economic Development to take part in the national project Workforce Productivity and Employment Support in 2019.

Selection board considered applications from 39 regions that presented their programs on Workforce Productivity increase. 15 applicants were included in the list for the national project in 2019: Tomsk region, Altai Krai, Vladimirskaya and Volgogradskaya region, Saint Petersburg, Ivanovskaya and Kaliningradskaya regions, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Lipetsk, Penza, Rostov and Tambov regions, Udmurtia, Chelyabinsk and Yaroslvl regions. 16 more regions that already have been participating in the national project are included for the next year by default.

Regions that take part in the national project will receive access to special supportive measures: subsidized loans at 1% for technology upgrade, preferential loans, grants for R&D up to 300 mln rubles, program to support automation and use of digital technologies, export accelerator.  Enterprises participating in regional programs can use targeted support to optimize manufacturing processes and teach their employees principles of Lean technologies.

«The Ministry estimated the potential of the region from the viewpoint of growth in non-resource-based fields of economy, as well as the quality of a program for workforce productivity improvement, including the number of the enterprises that applied and presence of a partner – a model company to supervise the project. There are three partners of such kind in our regional program, with over 10 enterprises ready to take part in this project» - Deputy Governor for economics Andrey Antonov said.

He also reminded that the Council for Strategic Development chaired by Tomsk region Governor Sergey Zhvachkin approved a passport for a regional project Workforce productivity and Employment support. The document identifies priority areas (chemical, wood-processing, food, construction industries, electrical equipment and electronic devices manufacturing) and partner-companies: TK TVEL, SIBUR, Gazpromneft.  

System of actions will be implemented within the framework of the national project, including access to support for enterprises, elimination of administrative burden, and creation of regional center of competency for workforce productivity improvement. A new type of employment agency will be created in Tomsk region by developing infrastructure, implementing organizational and technological innovations, improving quality of services.

By 2024, Tomsk region is planning to invite 260 medium-sized and major businesses. 54 enterprises are going to use the national project tools, 130 enterprises will get support on development of export potential, and over 1200 people will get proactive training. 

May 7, 2018: President Putin signed a decree identifying the main areas of development for economy and social sphere by 2024.  According to the decree, Russia needs to attain 5% annual growth of workforce productivity in the main non-resource based industries. The general committee of Presidential Council for strategic development and priority projects validated national project Workforce productivity and Employment support on September 24, 2018.

Published:2018-12-28 11:07 | Updated:2018-12-28 11:08
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