Tomsk Governor commanded vital services to be on high alert

06 декабря, 11:12

Due to the coming frost, Sergey Zhvachkin, Governor of the Tomsk region, commanded the public utilities and power generation companies to be on high alert starting today, December 3.

“Due to extreme frost, especially in the north of our region, all vital services must be on high alert,” Governor Sergey Zhvachkin stressed. “The objective of power generation and public utilities companies is to ensure a stable operation of boiler station, substations and pumping stations so that all houses, facilities and companies had electricity, water and heat. Local mayors and heads of areas must personally control the situation in their territories”.

To recap, meteorologists forecast deep freeze in the Tomsk region on December 4-6: the air temperature may reach -42 Celsius (- 43 F) and – 48 C (-54.4 F) in the Northeast of the region

In its turn, the regional EMERCOM committee reminds that as the air gets colder, there is a higher risk of fire due to overheating of heaters, use of malfunctioning electrical heaters and careless handling of fire, as well as likely emergencies at power-, gas-, water- and heating lines.

Municipalities and relevant services must take preventive measures and exert additional monitoring of crucial facilities. The population is advised to exercise caution; drivers should refrain from long distance trips whenever possible.

Emergencies should be reported via 24/7 telephone lines of Public Safety Answering Points.

Published:2018-12-06 11:12 | Updated:2018-12-06 11:13
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