Medics of Tomsk saved a passenger of Chita – Moscow flight

06 декабря, 11:10

The aircraft emergency landed in the airport of Tomsk today, December 3, at 10:25. A 56-year-old woman on board felt seedy and fainted.

Nikolay Rodionov, Chief Medical Officer of Tomsk emergency station reported that the passenger was picked up by a resuscitation team. Until the plane landed, the woman was receiving first aid from the crew.

“At the site, an intensivist and a nurse anesthetist of the ambulance team performed a closed-chest cardiac massage, tracheal intubation, catheterization, ECG and electrical cardioversion. The ambulance team brought the woman back from clinical death condition and admitted her to a clinic of Siberian State Medical University. During the transportation, they monitored her vitals and continued the artificial pulmonary ventilation.”

The patient is currently in the intensive care unit on a pulmotor. The doctors say she is in a critical condition.

Published:2018-12-06 11:10 | Updated:2018-12-06 11:10
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