Members of a design studio have completed the pre-design analysis of the “Living lab” territory

06 декабря, 11:09

The youth team of temporary design studio of the pilot project aimed at making a creative urban space in Tomsk “LLTOne” (Living Laboratory Tomsk #1) has presented the results of its work on studying the territory of the “Living lab” territory within the limits of Usova, Vershinina and Lytkina streets in Tomsk.

During the month of November, the participants of the project have been busy with a comprehensive analysis of this territory to figure out what makes this urban space inconvenient and what could be changed right away.

In course of their study, they have identified such problems as lack of convenient pass-through pedestrian ways and barrier-free environment, lacking illumination of pedestrian areas, lack of colorful elements or a variety of smaller landscaping objects and greenery, the domination of low quality advertising, parked cars, etc.

“There is a reason this territory was selected for the research: eleven thousand students live here. One of the objectives of this project is to create a comfortable urban environment for the young talent so that after graduation they would want to stay and work in Tomsk,” Ekaterina Shumkina, Deputy Head, Department of Architecture and Building of the Tomsk region explained. “The results of this study will be used in the making of a comprehensive design project. Moreover, we have arrived at the conclusion that it is necessary to add public utilities companies to the ranks of stakeholders to have a joint productive work in implementing the project”.

The “LLTomsk” project is the initiative of the consortium of Russian-Dutch partners, design bureaus, Tomsk universities and the Tomsk region administration. In substance, it is the first “Living Laboratory” project, which appeared in 2017 as the initiative of the Tomsk region administration, supervised by the regional Department of Architecture and Building. The pre-design analysis of the territory limited by Usova, Vershinina and Lytkina streets of Tomsk was carried out in ten layers: the participants have analyzed the functional zoning, population and building density, transportation and mobility, greenery, historical and cultural aspect, surveys of the residents and users of the territory, visual condition of front elevation, landscaping, ecology and the analysis of utility networks and regulations.

Published:2018-12-06 11:09 | Updated:2018-12-06 11:10
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