Tomsk region journalists met with RAS President and Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of Russia

26 ноября, 11:25

A delegation of Tomsk region journalists headed by Vera Dolzhenkova, Chairwoman of Tomsk region branch of the Union of Russian Journalists, participated in the activities dedicated to 100th anniversary of Russia’s main public journalist organization.

More than fifteen hundred Russian and foreign journalists have arrived to Moscow. The anniversary events were divided into the business and festive parts. During the first one, the journalists of the Tomsk region delegation were able to talk to Aleksandr Sergeev, President of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Grigoriy Trubnikov, Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of Russia. They touched the subjects of implementation of national project “Science”, issues with implementation of scientific developments in real life and the reorganization of RAS.

“I am no stranger to the work of the Tomsk Academic Town, I am personally in touch with Zuev Institute of Atmospheric Optics and am very happy that Tomsk journalists are actively interested in what is going on in scientific circles and are well aware of the life of modern science,” Head of RAS told the Tomsk journalists after an hour-and-a-half-long conversation.

The delegation to Moscow included Nina Gubskaya, Editor-in-chief of “Tomskiye novosti” newspaper, Veronika Beletskaya, press photographer of “Tomskiy obzor” internet-based media, Yana Potsepkina, journalist of Strezhevoy TV company, Mikhail Gordievskiy, Editor-in-chief of Parabel newspaper “Narymskiy vestnik”, Andrey Yefremov, correspondent of STRBC “Tomsk” radio, and Ivan Patlusov, cameraman of STRBC “Tomsk”.

Published:2018-11-26 11:25 | Updated:2018-11-26 11:25
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