Export of food products and agricultural supplies has doubled in the Tomsk region in 2018

16 ноября, 11:22

The results of agricultural policy and the export potential of agricultural sector in the Tomsk region were presented by Andrey Knorr, Deputy Governor for Agricultural Policy and the Use of Natural Resources at a plenary session of III Novosibirsk agri-food forum, chaired by Dzhambulat Khatuov, First Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Russia.

The participants of the forum that took place on November 7-9 discussed the development strategy and the exporting potential of Siberian agriculture.

The Tomsk region, which belongs to northern agricultural zone, as Andrey Knorr mentioned in his speech, displays a growing trend in virtually all the subsections of agricultural sector. The agricultural production index in 2017 was almost 114%, which is higher than in Siberia and in Russia.

Teaching the farmers the best Russian and foreign practices, implementation of crop selection, and cultivation technology enabled the Tomsk region to reach solid results in crop farming. Due to weather conditions this year, the Tomsk farmers lacked in the volume of grains but became among the first in SFD in terms of overall yield and the leaders in the yield of winter wheat and summer wheat.

“All these achievements of our farmers are made against an unfavorable economic background. For instance, the price of POL has risen 30% since spring and by the end of the harvesting campaign,” Andrey Knorr stressed”.

This year, the Tomsk region increased the proportion of high-margin cultures on its planted acreage – rape, linen and pea that are in demand on flourishing markets, including foreign ones. Linen farmers, apart from the traditional long-stalked flax, began to farm oil flax. The launch of the first stage of a rape processing factory, due in December this year, will close the technology cycle and result in additional profits for all rape producers. In livestock farming, the Tomsk region has consolidated its leadership position in Siberia in terms of milk yield in agricultural companies and increased its meat output by 15%.

The agricultural sector of the Tomsk region, focused primarily on the food security of the region, according to Andrey Knorr, is ready to go to the next task level, including the objective set forth by the President of Russia to increase agricultural export.

In 2018, according to the Tomsk customs office alone, the export of food products and agricultural supplies exceeds 20 million USD, which is twice that of last year. More than 25 companies export their products.

“Our export potential until 2024 includes unique products made of wild crops, pork, poultry, rape, milk and linen, and by 2030 we will add seeds (potatoes and linen), pedigree livestock and products of peat,” Andrey Knorr noted.

The Deputy Governor believes that the objective to double agricultural export in Russian regions is theoretically achievable.

“However, we see a disproportion between the objectives set forth for the agricultural sector and the amount of federal support. It is evident, that increased production is required. Moreover, nobody takes into account the resources and the specialization each region will use to achieve that objective. Some will boost the bulk volume, while others will export unique products in smaller volumes but with higher value added. This is why it would be expedient to clarify the draft federal budget 2019 and take into account the regional specifics,” he believes.

Published:2018-11-16 11:22 | Updated:2018-11-16 11:23
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