The Tomsk region has launched “Ticket to the future”, a new all-Russian festival

16 ноября, 11:21

Today, November 13, marks the beginning of a three-day-long all-Russian festival “Ticket to the future” for the first time. It takes place in seven Russian cities. Tomsk is the most Eastern location of the festival, so from the chronological standpoint, the all-Russian project began in our Region.

The festival venue in the “Harmony” manege was opened by Sergey Zhvachkin, the Governor of the Tomsk region, and Irina Potekhina, Deputy Minister of Education who arrived to Tomsk for the occasion.

“Ticket to the future” is a career guidance festival for the pupils of 6-11 forms. Over the three days in Tomsk, it is expected to welcome circa six thousand attendees from the schools of Tomsk, Seversk, and the areas of Tomsk, Asino, Zyryanskiy, Pervomaiskiy, Kozhevnikovo, Shegarsk, Krivosheino and Molchanovo.

Together with the pupils, Sergey Zhvachkin and Irina Potekhina learned about the work of all the eight themes sectors, into which the festival venue of “Harmony” was divided. The sectors include Transport and Logistics, IT, New materials, Health, Power engineering, Space, Agriculture and the use of natural resources, and Smart city. The teams of schoolchildren will visit each of the sectors where lecturers and experts (from the relevant companies) will tell them about the peculiarities of their work.

“Our region is big and diverse. We produce oil and gas, develop atomic power engineering, harvest and process timber; we do agriculture and machine building. The choice is vast, and everywhere smart heads and crafty hands are needed,” Sergey Zhvachkin, Governor, said to the pupils of the festivals. “Soon you are to choose your future occupation. We want you to make this choice consciously and we would like to help you with it. Then you will naturally join the work teams and be successful in life”.

The Deputy Minister of Education spoke in praise of the level of the festival preparations and highlighted that representatives of 25 Tomsk companies participated in the first “Ticket to the future”.

“It is no coincidence that Tomsk became the pilot region for the all-Russian festival,” Irina Potekhina noted. “Tomsk has a strong education team, focused on the regional labor market. Today, alongside the companies, there is the Quantorium, vocational training schools, that is the entire chain from school to a work place”.

“Unfortunately in 1990s many have forgotten about simple but very in-demand professions. Not only does the “Ticket to the future” festival tell about those but also shows them from the inside,” Sergey Zhvachkin, Governor of the Tomsk region, stressed. “The participants of the festival don’t have to decide on their future occupation as early as today. But I am certain that what you see will not let the pupils stay indifferent, they will become aware of their career and start discussing their future with the parents and peers. This is because the future starts today”.

Published:2018-11-16 11:21 | Updated:2018-11-16 11:22
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