Governor Sergey Zhvachkin handed out state awards

02 ноября, 10:03

Today, November 2, the Governor of the Tomsk region handed out state awards to the residents of the region. The ceremony timed to the coming National Unity Day took place in the Theatre for the Young Audience.


In his congratulation on the state holiday, the head of the region noted that solidarity and unity are the signature qualities of our multinational state and people.


“From olden times, whatever hardships our nation had to endure, it would always end up stronger and more united. This is because the urge to help, lend one’s shoulder to a friend, defend our motherland is in our blood. In our nation’s dark times, Tomsk residents were always among the first to defend their homeland, protected its borders and fought for our motherland’s freedom. This was true during the Patriotic War of 1812, and in the World War I and II, when it was the residents of Tomsk who fought at the front,” Sergey Zhvachkin said.


The Governor stressed that the Tomsk land is a territory of peace and accord, good and creation.

“It is not a coincidence that the first university beyond the Ural Mountains was founded by Emperor Alexander III in Tomsk specifically. This year we and the whole country celebrated 140th anniversary of National Research Tomsk State University, 140 years of higher education in the Asian part of our country,” Sergey Zhvachkin reminded to the audience in TYA. “The powerful science and education complex is what differentiates the Tomsk region from other regions of Russia. This is our trademark, our main competitive advantage that allows us, in any economic situation, to move forward, develop industry and agriculture, construction and the social sphere”.


“Representatives of over 140 nations live in the Tomsk region, carefully preserving their national traditions and generously sharing them with the neighbors. We are a friendly and open folk. This is why Tomsk universities today teach young people from as many as 68 countries. Recently our region welcomed the ambassadors from 18 countries of the European Union and the head of EU in Russia. Such large diplomatic visit is the first not only in the history of our region, but also of Russia and the European Union. The Tomsk residents are open to the world, open to new ideas and projects that lead to development and creation,” Sergey Zhvachkin stressed.


The head of the region specifically highlighted the objectives that President Vladimir Putin set for the nation and the Tomsk region.


“Our objectives are to create the leading science and education center in Russia and in the world. This includes patient-oriented healthcare, digitization of industry and red tape reduction. Comfortable landscaped environment with high quality and safe roads. It also includes many other objectives the main of which is to improve the quality of life for the people and prolong its active and healthy part. I know and I am convinced that our region and our people can handle these objectives. Not only because we have powerful science and a competitive industry, but also because in our region there live and work the best people in the world – professionals, who love their work, their motherland and the Tomsk region. People like you, in this audience. Among you are doctors and teachers, scientists and engineers, oil and gas workers, farmers and builders, locksmiths and welders, firefighters and rescuers, and many-many others. We are proud of you and your work. We are proud to live and work alongside such wonderful people,” Governor Sergey Zhvachkin stressed.


The head of the region handed out state awards, including the “Glory of Tomsk” ones given to Viktor Kress, the former Governor of the Tomsk region, now member of the Federation Council, Taisiya Puchkova and Praskovya Frolova Heroes of Socialist Labor.


At the end of the ceremony, Sergey Zhvachkin congratulated the residents of the Tomsk region on the National Unity Day and wished them good health and happiness.

List of awardees

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