Governor Sergey Zhvachkin presented the budget-2019 for the “zero” reading

31 октября, 11:44

Today, October 30, Sergey Zhvachkin, the Governor of the Tomsk region presented draft regional budget for 2019 and the planning period of 2020-2012 to the deputies of Legislative Duma of the Tomsk region for the “zero” reading.

Opening the meeting with parliamentarians, the Governor stressed that the format of the “zero” reading behind the closed doors allows for an honest, cool-headed and devoid of political speculations discussion of the main parameters of the main financial document of the region for the coming three years.

Presenting the draft budget to the deputies, Sergey Zhvachkin noted that it is formed during the time of massive transformations in the country.

“The President of Russia, in his May Decree set forth the objective to the Government to reach a whole new level of social and economic development over six years. Increase the population, reduce poverty, speed-up technology development – these are but some of the objectives we must achieve. The tool to achieve them is the 12 national projects in the domains of demography, healthcare, education, science, ecology, digital economy, etc.,” the Governor stressed.

The regional head named the national projects and objectives to be achieved, and noted that the implementation of these will significantly affect the structure of the regional budget.

“Firstly, the amount of targeted federal funding will significantly increase, as the implementation of national projects stipulates 9 trillion roubles over six years from the federal budget. This being said, the President set forth the objective to engage extra-budgetary funds as much as possible for the implementation of national projects. This is the same objective I give to my deputies. Secondly, we have to find own funds to co-finance the national projects in the amount stipulated at the federal level. For the Tomsk region this means co-financing 3%,” Sergey Zhvachkin stressed.

The Governor specified that the difficulties are due to the fact that the national projects were approved so late at the federal level. As on today, the regions have only approximate understanding of the scope of both funding and co-financing for the majority of programs. This is why the main objective in preparing the budget for its first reading was to balance the revenue and expenditure of the region’s main financial document. The draft budget stipulates tax and non-tax revenues in 2019 of 48.7 billion roubles or 105% of that in 2018. The planned expenditure is 54.5 billion roubles.

“The priority expenditure is salary of budgetary employees,” Sergey Zhvachkin stressed during the “zero” reading in the regional Duma. “The draft budget fully stipulates the funds to maintain the salary level of employees affected by the May Decree in 2018 and bring the minimum wage to subsistence level. In the Tomsk region, over the last seven years, the salary fund for budgetary workers almost doubled: from 16.7 billion roubles in 2012 to 30.3 billion in the budget-2019. The proportion of salaries in the consolidated budget grew from 36 to 35%”.

When it comes to social sphere expense, the leader is still education, which is expected to receive 26 billion roubles. Over 20 billion roubles will be spent on healthcare, 6.7 billion – on social support of fiscally disadvantaged citizens.

The draft stipulates 6.6 billion roubles on the real sector of economy. Of this, 3.7 billion roubles (600 million more than in the current year) are the costs of the road fund and 1.3 billion for the support of agriculture.

“After introducing the draft budget to Duma, we found out the approximate amount of subsidies in the fiscal capacity of the region. It is 4.8 million roubles, which is 623 million more than in 2018. We managed to prove to the federal center that our region deserves greater federal funding and landed among 13 regions with maximum rate of subsidy increase of 15%,” Governor Sergey Zhvachkin stressed and called the deputies to being constructive work in Duma committees and the created mediation committee.

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