Governor Sergey Zhvachkin is discussing financial plans and the implementation results of the largest projects with municipal heads

31 октября, 11:42

Today October 31, the Governor of the Tomsk region opened the Day of Municipal Head in the regional administration.

He began the meeting with the heads of towns and areas by saying that it was taking place at the final stretch, on the eve of finishing this year’s main projects in municipalities. These include the harvesting campaign, repair of federal and local roads, programs “Creating comfortable urban environment”, “Pure water”, “Affordable house” etc.

The governor paid special attention to the formation of regional and local budgets for 2019 and the coming three years. The head of the region stressed that the content of the regional budget is defined by 12 national projects that launched with President Vladimir Putin’s “May decrees”.

«The main burden or financing the national projects is borne by the federal center. However, the implementation lies on regions, towns and villages, that is us. And trying to just tick the box won’t do here. We are personally responsible for the result,” Sergey Zhvachkin, Governor of the Tomsk region stressed.

The Tomsk governor drew the attention of municipal heads on the fact that territorial budgets will still be fully supported by the region.

“I have kept my word to you: no matter how hard it is, the proportion of inter-budgetary transfers in the coming year’s budget will not drop a rouble,” Sergey Zhvachkin said. “In the total amount of regional budget expenditure, the support of municipalities will once again be around 40 percent, i.e. 5.5 billion roubles. Of which 4.4 in the form of funds and 1.1 are additional shares of personal income tax transferred to you to substitute for subsidies.”

The head of the region clarified that the regional authorities took on the major part of territorial budgets’ costs related to salaries and fully subsidizes the salary increase for municipal budgetary employees. The costs of bringing the minimum wage to minimum subsistence level are subsidized to municipalities by 60% while the federation subsidizes only 44%.

“I am receiving from you the requests to fully compensate the assets tax due to the fact that the benefit was cancelled for municipal entities. I have to reject that,” said Sergey Zhvachkin to heads of towns and areas. “This is because as on today, local budgets are more stable than the regional one. The sources of income attached to municipalities are quite stable, and the costs are not growing as fast as the regional ones. The debts of local budgets are, on average, much lower than the region’s. A third of municipalities has no debts at all. So let’s put an end to these dependence talks”.

“The heads of towns and areas must look for the ways to increase the efficiency of budgetary expense, work with tax revenues, and pay special attention to reducing debts in nontax payments. And the most important thing is that each of you must make sure that each budgetary rouble is spent efficiently on the programs on which the everyday life of people depends,” stressed the Governor.

Deputy Governors also participate in the Day of Municipal Head.

Published:2018-10-31 11:42 | Updated:2018-11-02 11:42
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