The Tomsk region is Russia’s first to make children’s arts schools managed by the region

26 октября, 09:38

Russian Ministry of Culture’s pilot project “Children’s art schools – heritage of Russia” involving the Tomsk and the Kursk regions launched with the All-Russian artistic education forum that opened on October 23 in the Tomsk region.

To participate in the forum, teachers and leading experts from 15 regions of Russia arrived to Tomsk for three days to discuss the prospects of artistic education.

Svyatoslav Golubenko, Deputy Director of Science and Education Department greeted the forum participants on behalf of Vladimir Medinskiy, Russian Minister of Culture. “In July 2017 a massive project “Children’s art schools – heritage of Russia” was launched, which is intended to facilitate the development of the national artistic education system… One of the pilot areas for the project implementation is the Tomsk region that today made an utmost important decision for the development of this sphere – to transfer municipal children’s art schools to the level of constituent entity of the Russian Federation. I am certain that such decision will be the key in improvement the quality of education in these institutions, boosting their facilities and resources, while the All-Russian artistic education forum will give a bright start to implementation of such decisions,” he quoted the congratulatory telegram by the head of the Ministry of Culture.

As Andrey Knorr, Deputy Governor of the Tomsk region, informed, over the recent years the system of identification and support to gifted children has seen a thorough update. For instance, the set of contests aimed at supporting young prodigies that had existed for decades got strictly structured beginning with the year 2015 and now includes 30 important activities in all forms of art. For the fifth year now in the Tomsk region a unique project is being implemented – the Governor’s contest for young performers “Children play with an orchestra”. Festival “Denis Matsuyev and friends” and the enlightening project of charity fund “New names” enable gifted Tomsk kids to attend the lessons by the teachers of Moscow State Conservatory and the Gnesins Russian Academy of Music.

“It is always difficult to change an established structure. But today we must think of who is going to work tomorrow in philharmonic halls, colleges, clubs, theaters and libraries. We are responsible for the future of culture,” Deputy Governor stressed.

The first bonus from the Ministry of Culture that the Tomsk region received for participating in the pilot project was master classes and further training courses for teachers and students of art schools.

In the frameworks of the forum, Vladimir Demidov, Director of Academy of Music under Chaikovskiy Moscow Conservatory, Anatoliy Lyubavin, Rector of Surikov Moscow State Academic Art Institute, Aleksander Zanorin, Rector of Sobinov Saratov State Concervatory and other leading specialists in artistic education will share their skills and experience.

In total, there are 20 invited experts participating in master classes and seminars – these are Honored artists, people of art from higher art institutions of Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as children’s and youth orchestra from the Academy of Music under Chaikovskiy Moscow Conservatory.

Program of the forum

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