Final Lap of Registration for «Leaders of Russia» Competition

26 октября, 09:35

Registration for competition of executive managers «Leaders of Russia» closes on October, 24.

This open competition for leaders of new generation has been running for two consecutive years now. The winners can receive educational scholarships as high as 1 mln rubles, coaching from famous government and business executives, opportunities to become a part of a talent pipeline program.   

The registration is followed by three stages: remote selection (November to December 2018), regional semifinals (January to February 2019) and finals (March 2019), with 300 most promising participants from all over Russia; the experts will select top-100 of the best participants based on the results of the finals.

This year, the age limit for contestants has been extended to 55 years (compared to 50 last year), and the number of coaches increased from 60 to 90 people.

«The first «Leaders of Russia» competition revealed many new names to us. However, our region boasts solid research and education, developed innovative sector and industry, and, naturally, more talented leaders. I am confident that participation in this competition is beneficial not only for Tomsk region residents, but also for the whole country», Tomsk region Governor Sergey Zhvachkin commented. 

Applicants can submit the form for the competition till October, 24 on https://лидерыроссии.рф

Published:2018-10-26 09:35 | Updated:2018-10-26 09:36
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