Residents of Tomsk Region Can Suggest Their Input to Name Local Airport after Famous Townsmen

26 октября, 09:34

A list of 10 famous names for Tomsk airport, suggested by the regional Public Chamber and other citizen groups, was published on Великиеимена.рф.

The list includes cosmonaut, twice Hero of the Soviet Union Nikolay Rukavishnikov;  basketball player, Olympic Champion, two-time World Champion Sergey Belov; aircraft designer, creator of Ka-series helicopters Nikolay Kamov; Soviet and Russian actor Innokenty Smoktunovsky; distinguished Russian scientist, polymath, one of the creators of the first university east of the Urals - Tomsk Imperial University, - Dmitry Mendeleev; Russian geographer, traveler, social activist, citizen of honor of Siberia and Tomsk Grigory Potanin; Russian and Soviet pioneering surgeon Andrey Savinykh; prominent clinician Dmitry Yablokov; author Georgi Markov; composer Edison Denisov.

Citizen of Honor of Tomsk region Yegor Ligachyov thanked the residents of Tomsk region for suggesting his candidacy for the airport’s name, but declined this offer and cast his vote for Nikolay Rukavishnikov.

Each resident of Tomsk region can add one name to the regional list of candidates till October, 28th. To do so, you need to go on Великиеимена.рф website (great names of Russia), select Tomsk in the list of the airports, suggest the name of the candidate and specify the category of their professional activity in a designated entry box. Names receiving over 500 votes will be added to the regional list. The process of gathering additional candidate names finishes on October, 28 at noon. The All-Russian list of the candidates for each airport will be published on Великиеимена.рф website.

Top-3 names will be selected for each airport based on the results of national survey, with final voting following a «one voice-one airport-one name» principle on November 8-30.

Voting will be available on project’s website  Великиеимена.рф, via social networks Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki, in the airports  and onboard «Aeroflot» flights. The competition’s results will be made final on December, 5. On this day, the names that residents gave to 45 Russian airports will be officially announced.

A large –scale national project called «Great names of Russia» was launched aiming to name 45 Russian airports, including Tomsk, after prominent fellow citizens. The idea was suggested by some respected civic groups – Russian geographic society, Russian Military Historical Society, Society  of Russian language arts. The Public Chamber of Russia supported this initiative and came forward as project operator. Local coordination of the project is supported by the regional Public Chamber.

Published:2018-10-26 09:34 | Updated:2018-10-26 09:35
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