Tomsk Governor Shows Markus Ederer and Ambassadors of European Countries in Russia One of the Best Farms in Europe

25 октября, 11:23

Today, October 7th, was the start of the business program of the visit of the Ambassadors of the European Union countries to Tomsk region. In the morning, the delegation of the diplomats headed by the EU Ambassador in Russia Markus Ederer, visited the dairy farm in the village Yagodnoye in Asino district.

To recap, ambassadorial “landing” in Tomsk region is taking place on the invitation of the Governor of Tomsk region Sergey Zhvachkin. The head of the region invited the heads on the diplomatic missions in May when he made the presentation about Tomsk region for the Delegation of the EU to Russia (the presentation was also the first one throughout all history of European diplomatic mission).

Governor Sergey Zhvachkin showed the one and only robotic dairy farm in Siberia that belongs to the enterprise “Sibirskoye Moloko” to the European partners. General Director of the farming company Yevgeny Mezin also told about the technological characteristics, operation of the dairy farming training facility located at the premises of the farm, about application of state of the art equipment of European companies Lely and De Laval. 

As a reminder, “Sibirskoye Moloko” LLC built a stock breeding complex for milking heard of 800 heads in Asino district. The head of the region specified that Tomsk company bought high-producing Holstein herd in the Netherlands with the support of the Dutch Ambassador in Russia Renée Jones-Bos with whom he met on multiple occasions.

Sergey Zhvachkin reminded to the diplomats that Tomsk farmers actively adopt experience of their European counterparts. Over the last 3 years alone they got to know agricultural production of Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Finland. Last spring Austrian cheesemakers held a workshop in Tomsk. In September, Dutch expert Joep Driessen delivered an original training and workshops “Cow Signals”  in Tomsk. He also visited the farms in Asino and Krivosheino districts. Following his visit to the farm in Yagodnoye, he said that it was literally one of the best farms in Europe.

“We do everything we can for the agricultural sector in the Tomsk region to be high-tech and highly-productive, - underlined the Governor of Tomsk region Sergey Zhvachkin. – For that to happen, we fully use the potential of our academic organizations and, of course, the opportunities given to us through collaboration with our European partners. In addition we are interested not only in purchasing European equipment and herds but also in investments of European business”.

Published:2018-10-25 11:23 | Updated:2018-10-25 11:23
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