Tomsk Governor, EU Ambassador and Ambassador of France Open the Second EU Film Festival in Tomsk

25 октября, 11:18

Tonight, on October 7th, the second European Film Festival was opened in the International Culture Center of National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University.

A two-week film marathon was kicked off by the Governor of the Tomsk Region Sergey Zhvachkin, the EU Ambassador in Russia Markus Ederer and the Ambassador of France in Russia Sylvie Bermann. The heads and top officials of diplomatic missions of 18 countries of the European Union, visiting the region by the invitation of Sergey Zhvachkin, also participated in the ceremony.

Tomsk Governor reminded that in December Tomsk hosted EU Film Fest for the first time. It was visited by enormous number of spectators and evoked a wide response in our university city with a lot of young people and intellectuals. The head of the region and head of European diplomacy in Russia decided to hold the second film marathon with participation of the ambassadors of the EU countries.

“We are happy that the heads of the diplomatic missions accepted our invitation and for the first time in history of Russia and the European Union performed such a large ambassadorial “landing” in the Russian region, - emphasized the Governor of tTomsk region Sergey Zhvachkin. – Politics is not the main thing. Our countries are different but people are similar. We are united by human relations, warm sentiments among people and the films facilitate them”.

EU Ambassador Markus Ederer thanked Tomsk Governor Sergey Zhvachkin and his team for the invitation and their hospitality that “we feel at every step”.

“Thank you for your support of culture and human relations. Today relationship between the European Union and Russia is experiencing hard times but it has not always been this way, - said Markus Ederer. – It is essential to remember that our cultural ties have been lasting for centuries. Governor Sergey Zhvachkin is right: cinema is an art that contributes to these ties”.

Participants of the festival opening ceremony were greeted by the Ambassador of France in Russia Sylvie Bermann, who also introduced a festival opening film–  a sad French comedy called Rosalie Blum.

“It was not a random choice. Remember the times when the whole world admired Italian movies. Now it is time for French movies. And tonight we’ll be glad to reintroduce it” – pointed out the Governor Sergey Zhvachkin.

The film was screened at two locations, in the International Culture Center of NR TPU and Fakel movie theater, and all tickets were sold-out.

Head of the region invited citizens and guests of Tomsk to watch European movies that will be screened at Fakel every day until October 19th inclusive. Entrance to all the films of the festival as well as to the meetings and workshops with European moviemakers is free.

Festival program.

Published:2018-10-25 11:18 | Updated:2018-10-25 11:19
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