EU Ambassador and Heads of the European Diplomatic Missions in Russian Continue Their Work in Tomsk Region

25 октября, 11:17

Today, October 8th,is the final day of the three-day visit to Tomsk of the European Union Ambassador in the Russian Federation Markus Ederer as well as of the leaders of 18 diplomatic missions of the EU countries.

On invitation of the Governor Sergey Zhvachkin, Tomsk region hosts the head of the Delegation of the European Union to Russia Markus Ederer, ambassador of France Sylvie Bermann, ambassador of Austria Johannes Eigner, ambassador of Belgium Jean-Arthur Régibeau, ambassador of Sweden Peter Ericson, ambassador of Portugal Paulo Vizeu Pinheiro, ambassador of Cyprus Leonidas Markides, ambassador of Slovenia Branko Rakovec, ambassador of Ireland Adrian McDaid, ambassador of Latvia Māris Riekstiņš, ambassador of Lithuania Remigijus Motuzas, deputy ambassador of the Great Britain Lindsay Skoll, deputy ambassador of Germany Beate Grzeski, deputy ambassador of Poland Mirolsav Ceslik, first secretary of Denmark Maja Kolmos, counselor for political affairs of the Spanish Embassy Miguel Iriso, minister-counselor of the Croatian Embassy Maja Foretić Pećnik, counselor of the trading department of the Italian Embassy Francesca Santoro, economic counselor of the Dutch Embassy Pauline Döll and other diplomats. 

In the morning in Reception House the Governor Sergey Zhvachkin together with his deputies Lyudmila Ogorodova, Andrey Antonov and Yevgeny Parshuto will discuss with the leaders of the European diplomatic missions promising lines of cooperation between the Tomsk region and the EU countries. Following the results of the discussion, a media scrum with the Governor and the EU Ambassador in the Russian Federation will be organized.

Throughout the day the delegation of the diplomats will visit the first Russian Technology Innovative Special Economic Zone “Tomsk”,  where a show-room of Tomsk innovative companies will be held; they will participate in the roundtable discussion “University in National Economy: Role, Common Factors and Trends” in the co-working center “Tochka Kipeniya” (Boiling Point), visit children’s tech park “Quantorium”, Gazprom Transgaz Tomsk company and Tomskoye Pivo (Tomsk beer) brewing plant.   

Further information for journalists is available via phone: 513-698 (Dolgikh Olga Alexandrovna, press service of Tomsk region Administration).

Published:2018-10-25 11:17 | Updated:2018-10-25 11:17
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