Tomsk Governor Sets a Mission to Increase Region’s Commodity Circulation with Europe

25 октября, 11:12

Governor of Tomsk region Sergey Zhvachkin announced it today, on October 8th, during the meeting with the EU Ambassador in Russia Markus Ederer and the heads of the diplomatic missions of the EU countries, who are currently working in Tomsk region.

The final day of the biggest-ever European ambassadorial “landing” in Tomsk region started at the Reception House with the discussion of prospects for cooperation between the Tomsk region and European Union countries.

The head of the region told the heads of the diplomatic missions that next year Tomsk region celebrates its 75th anniversary and the city of Tomsk – its 415th one. For more than 250 years of its history Tomsk was a capital of the Governorate that covered not only Siberia but neighboring lands, too.

“Our city was a bridge between western and eastern territories of the Russian Empire.Moreover, a university city Tomsk stands out from other Siberian cities from the standpoint of its architecture and atmosphere: our guests say that it’s the most European city of Siberia” – noted the Governor of Tomsk region Sergey Zhvachkin.

“Currently, in economic sense Siberia is more East-oriented. OVer the last years we have an Asian vector dominating in our economy as well. Almost a third of the commodity circulation of Tomsk region attributed to Asian countries. Almost 50% - to Central Asia. Chinese and Indian investments into extraction and processing of natural resources are the main foreign injections into real economy of Tomsk region. However, Europe is still one of the essential trading partners of the region: commodity circulation between Tomsk region and the EU countries is 18%. We set a mission to increase non-resource export to the European Union countries. A lot of Tomsk high-tech companies have long since and successfully maintain deliveries to Europe and we should follow their example” – underlined the Governor Sergey Zhvachkin.

The Head of the region did not call special attention to Tomsk IT-companies that work globally and their partners include such giants as Google, Facebook and Disney.

“Tomsk innovative business is strong in such areas as advanced materials, pharmaceutics, control and medical equipment,- said Tomsk Governor. – I would really like to draw your attention to the products of advanced processing of Siberian wild crops with preserved nutrients and vitamins. Many people in Europe already know Tomsk cedar milk and natural juices made from Siberian berries. We are ready to expand the assortment and scope of delivery and are interested in search of new trade partners» - said the Governor of Tomsk region Sergey Zhvachkin to the EU Ambassador and the Ambassadors of European countries in Russia.

Published:2018-10-25 11:12 | Updated:2018-10-25 11:13
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