Governor Sergey Zhvachkin Suggests Joint Forest Exploration to Europeans

25 октября, 11:11

Today, on October 8th, during the meeting with the EU Ambassador Markus Ederer and the Ambassadors of the EU countries, which took place in the Reception House, the Governor of Tomsk region Sergey Zhvachkin told about nature economics, which is being developed in the region.

The head of Tomsk region pointed out that over the last years agricultural specialists studied best European practices of small farm enterprise management, small commodity production, dairy and beef stock farming development, adopted methods of fruit growing, winemaking and use of eco-technologies in agriculture, participated in cheese making workshops performed by Austrian and Dutch experts.

“In Tomsk region we pay special attention to nature economics by implementing high-tech solutions into this field, - highlighted Sergey Zhvachkin, the Governor of Tomsk region. – Many people wonder why an oil-producing region owning nuclear technologies needs that. The answer is simple: developing agriculture, timber complex, the field of advanced processing of wild crops, we liven up our rural areas that have enormous economic potential’.

“We suggest our European partners developing promising timber industry together, - announced the head of the region Sergey Zhvachkin. – Consider the following: annual rated wood cutting of Tomsk region is about 40 million cubic meters,  but we use only around 10% of it. Tomsk region has Chinese investors, who have been operating in this sector for a while, however, we invite European business, too. It is crucial for us to develop culture of forest resources harvesting and processing. We want technologically advanced enterprises that will set global standard of doing business in timber industry to operate in Tomsk region”.

Published:2018-10-25 11:11 | Updated:2018-10-25 11:12
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